How To Get To Galata Tower From Sultanahmet

The Galata Tower provides an excellent 360 degree view. You can reach by taking T1 tram to Karaköy and after a 5-10 min walk. First take a tour in Sultanahmet, Eminönü areas and look at these places from the top of the Galata Tower. […]

How To Grow Food In Small Spaces Book

Juliet Kemp lives in London. She has recently acquired a (very small) garden and a new north-facing garden (two whole new permaculture designs to plan and execute!), and still does plenty of container growing. […]

How To Get Data In Database Using Php

13/01/2012 You will need to connect to your database, then send a query to the database that will return the data that you will use in your combo box, then loop through the database result set, and as each value is recovered, your PHP code will use that value as it sends (echos or prints) the appropriate HTML to create the